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JETAASA is open to all South African JET Alumni. Become a part of our community and join in the JETAA activities by registering as a JET Alumni.

Welcome back to SA

Are you searching for someone who wakarimasu’s why you are bowing when you moshi-moshi your keitai?

Well, the JET Alumni Association is here to connect you to Japanese events, activities and likeminded people who love all things Japan.

JETAASA - South African JET at School

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JETAASA works closely with the Japanese Embassy in Pretoria as well as the Centre for Japanese Studies at the University of Pretoria and other Japanese organisations to support their events and to get involved where possible.

We are a chapter of JETAA International, or JETAA-I, which comprises the global community of former participants in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme and their JET Alumni Association chapters.

Stay in touch with Japanese Culture

JETAASA exists to support South African alumni by connecting members to various Japanese cultural events, information and services. 

If you would like to learn about or engage with the alumni, or if you are an ex-JET in search of help on how to adjust to life after JET, please get in touch. 

Japanese Embassy Events

Embassy events, including Ikebana and martial arts displays as well as the annual Japan Film Festival which is held every year in October. Members are made aware of these events – usually through Facebook – and are encouraged to attend.

JET Pre-Departure Prep

Members of JETAASA assist the Embassy every year with pre-departure Q&A sessions for the new JETs and are available to chat to and advise people interested in applying for the JET Programme. Should people wish to contact us, they can do so by sending a message to the Facebook page, or alternatively emailing the President of the chapter,

Spring Festival at the Japanese School

The Japan Club of South Africa hosts a Spring Festival at the Japanese School in Johannesburg every October. Members are invited to attend and JETAASA has, in the past, run their own stall at the festival with proceeds being donated to charity. This event is reliant on JETAASA volunteers to help with the planning and running of the stall, so if you are interested in being a part of this, please get in touch.

Japanese Conversation Group

In the past, JETAASA facilitated a bi-weekly Japanese conversation group with members from the Japanese Embassy in Pretoria. This was, unfortunately, discontinued due to lack of interest, however, should members in the Gauteng area been keen to resurrect this, JETAASA will be happy to facilitate this.

Centre for Japanese Studies

Japanese related lectures and movie screenings by the Centre for Japanese Studies; the details of which are posted on the JETAASA Facebook page

JET Statistics

The JET Programme

It started in 1987 with 848 participants from 4 countries. Since then, more than 80,000 people have participated in the JET Programme with participants coming from 57 countries. As of 2022, 50 countries are actively involved in the JET Programme.



South African JETs 

2022 marked 25 years of participation in the JET Programme for South Africa. Over the last quarter century, more than 800 young South Africans have shared our cultures with our friends, students and fellow teachers in Japan. 

Of the 5,723 JETs currently living and working in Japan, 178 are South African citizens. Around 30 – 40 new South African JET participants go to Japan every year.    

Join the JETAASA and bring a bit of Japan back to South Africa!

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JETAA International

About JETAA International

JETAASA is one of more than 50 world-wide chapters of JET Alumni Association International. JETAA international supports and collaborates with JET alumni globally, with the aim of fostering communication, innovation and a sense of community.

Clcik here to learn more about JETAA International.

Leaving Japan?

Coming back home is tough. Don’t lose the momentum and opportunities that comes with your JET experience. JETAA International has some valuable resources that may be useful as you decide what you want to do with your life after JET. And if you want to talk, your fellow JETAASA Alumni are here for you.

Click here for Life After JET resouces from JETAA International.

Would you like to reconnect with your old prefecture?

KenJETkai, is a global program by JETAA International to re-connect you with your home prefecture in Japan so you can continue the grassroots cross-cultural exchange and friendship that was at the heart of your JET Programme experience. 

Click here to learn more about KenJETkai and find out how to join.